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Krystal Culture

Krystal Culture

These beautiful crystal necklaces are a wonderful gift or special something for yourself.

KC065 Volcanic Quartz necklace $40

KC023 Volcanic Quartz necklace $30

KC040 Topaz with Solar Quartz pendant $40

KC007 Tanzanite & Titanium Quartz necklace $35

KC038 Amethyst & Citrine necklace $40

KC022 Pink Quartz with Sediment Jasper pendant $40

KC0030 Pink Catseye necklace $30

Multi KC039 Topaz with Quartz pendant $40

KC077 Moonstone & Catseye necklace $30

KC050 Moonstone & Blue Topaz with Paua/Opal pendant $45

KC032 Moonstone & Blue Topaz with Blue Lace Opal pendant $40

KC021 Mixed Stones necklace $30

KC034 Lapis & Amber necklace $40

KC086 Jade Quartz with Green Topaz pendant $

KC012 Jade Quartz necklace $35

KC063 Freshwater Pearl necklace $30

KC009 Freshwater Pearl necklace $40

KC064 Cream Jade with Dragon Stone pendant $40

KC008 Catseye with Moonstone pendant $35

KC025 Black Onyx necklace $45

KC067 Amethyst necklace $40

KC044 Amethyst necklace $40

KC020 Ayethyst necklace $40

KC038 Amethyst & Citrine necklace $40

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