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Old Coach Road Honey & Candles

Old Coach Road Honey & Candles

At Old Coach Rd Honey we farm our bees as naturally as possible, high in the hills above Whitianga surrounded by Manuka and virgin native forest. Our family apiary is small and we aim to keep it that way.

Our bees are permanently sited on our property and are not used for orchard pollination, so they are not exposed to harmful sprays and chemicals. Nor are they disrupted by getting shifted from site to site up and down the country to chase different crops for mass honey production.

Our bees are a mix of Italian and Carniolan honey bees. They are very gentle and we all love to work with them.

When we harvest our honey it is taken to a local RMP registered honey house, where it is extracted and packed directly into jars. It is not heated during this process. It is delicious, raw, unpasteurised honey. We always leave plenty of honey behind for our bees to eat.

Every year our bees can produce a different strength of manuka honey, so we have it tested at Analytica Laboratories to ensure the presence of methylglyoxal, a key characteristic of manuka honey. We also test to ensure that no tutin toxin is present in our honey.

We hope you enjoy our honey and beeswax products.



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